Sunday, March 29, 2009

Take Action! Get Involved!

April 9th Help Synagogue
From 7:15 - Around 9:30 pm.
(approximately 2-3 hours)

Here's an opportunity that I hope a few of you might consider.

The synagogue is looking for two teens and one adult to help serve for their Passover Seder on April 9.

If two youth and one of your mentors wanted to do this, it could count as attendance at a religious ceremony from another faith as one of your coming of age requirements.

They are offering to pay for the help, which could be a fundraiser for our Coming of Age program (we are in the hole from the costs of the retreats and books, and will have a few more expenses before we are done).

I've attended Seders in the past--its very interesting, a meal eaten as a ritual. I think many of you might enjoy this. Is anyone available that evening?

Contact Melinda if you are interested!

Take Action! Get Involved!

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