Monday, March 30, 2009

What about Wednesday Night Youth Group??



Purposed Schedule:

5:00: Setup – Prepare Game, setup, prepare snacks etc
- Worship Band Arrives to prepare/setup equipment
6:00pm Arrive – Hang out
6:15: Games
7:00: Worship
7:30: Snacks and Announcements
8:00: Small Groups
9 pm: Church setup



Practice Sundays afternoons
- Decide worship music for youth group
- Learn new music
- Write Music
- Be a leader

- Help with Worship music lyrics
- Lighting and sound equipment
- Develops PowerPoint

- Coordinate Designing youth swag
- Participate in youth events
- Attend youth conferences


Small Group Facilitators
- Two adults for Junior Youth
- Two adults for Senior Youth
- Prepare for assigned lessons

Snack Prep
- Donations for snack
- Preparing snack
- Setup and clean up of snack

Event Coordinator
- Schedule Youth Events
- Make announcements and sign ups

Lay Minister – Worship Leader
- Help run games
- Have short worship message

- Snack
- T-shirts, youth swag
- Lesson materials
- Worship music/books
- Event Moola


Q: Will there still be a Sunday youth group?
A: YES! Of course, Sunday youth group is very important! Not to mention awesome

Q: When would this evening youth group start?
A: Fall of 2009, more official dates will be sorted out.

Q: What kind of snacks?
A: They will be mostly healthy, always having vegetarian options available.

Q: What are the ages of this youth group?
A: Youth said they want to welcome junior, senior youth as well as college age.

Q: Can I bring my friends?
A: Of course!! The more the merrier, literally, most of the games played are tons more fun with more people.

More questions? Tell us all about your ideas,
this is going to be YOUR youth group!

You are encouraged to talk with youth leaders and parents about any other questions you have.

Should we have a youth group name? Like the times or not? Want a different date? How about a logo? Want to be in the Worship band?

What do you think???
Talk about it now!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Take Action! Get Involved!

April 9th Help Synagogue
From 7:15 - Around 9:30 pm.
(approximately 2-3 hours)

Here's an opportunity that I hope a few of you might consider.

The synagogue is looking for two teens and one adult to help serve for their Passover Seder on April 9.

If two youth and one of your mentors wanted to do this, it could count as attendance at a religious ceremony from another faith as one of your coming of age requirements.

They are offering to pay for the help, which could be a fundraiser for our Coming of Age program (we are in the hole from the costs of the retreats and books, and will have a few more expenses before we are done).

I've attended Seders in the past--its very interesting, a meal eaten as a ritual. I think many of you might enjoy this. Is anyone available that evening?

Contact Melinda if you are interested!

Take Action! Get Involved!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Invisible Children Fundraiser!

We need helpers for the

Invisible Children Fundraiser

Saturday, May 2, 2009
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Saltwater Unitarian Universalist Church...

Facebook page:

Come help raise awareness!
To the abducted children in northern Uganda (and other parts of Africa), all the proceeds go to the organization: Invisible Children (website:

this is sort-of how the event will go:
we will be showing a documentary (we will actually be starting it around 7:30) about it (Invisible Children: Rough Cut), it's about a hour long or so.
Then we will split-up into groups and have a discussion (you are welcome to make art like write a poem or something, draw... est while we are discussing) about what you thought, saw, felt, and est.
children care will be provided
snacks and food will also be provided (you are welcome to bring other a snack if you like.

We will need people who are helping to be a there at 6:00pm or so

Please remember to bring your thinking cap, compassion, and love :D

Talk to Elissa for more info!

Spring Youth Con

Spring UU Youth ConferenceWhere:Lincoln City, Oregon
When: April 24th - 26th
Who? 14 to 19 year old youth are invited.

*Early Registrations are due to the office by March 30th.

Turn in finished form and check on Sunday (March 29th) to Amanda and she will drop it off, and save you $15!

Eric has agreed to sponsor again this spring but he can only take 6 youth (first come, get the spots). Also we fundraise to help out if money is tight.

If you can't pay the full registration for Con, PLEASE talk to Amanda or Melinda and we'll see what we can do with Youth funds.

Saltwater Youth Group Blog!